How to Locate an iPhone Using GPS

By Sebastian Malysa

In our digital age, smart phones have become a necessity most people never leave the house without. Being that we keep our iPhones close by at all times of the day, chances are pretty good for putting it down somewhere and accidentally not picking it back up. Fortunately, iPhones have a built in Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) chip which you can use, as long as you had GPS enabled before you lost it, to easily recover your beloved phone.

Step 1

Recover your lost iPhone through MobileMe. MobileMe features a service called "Find My iPhone" which allows users to locate their lost iPhone using its built in GPS chip. This service will pinpoint your iPhone's location using Google Maps and will allow you to send a message to the phone, even if it's locked. MobileMe offers a free two month subscription which will allow you to access this feature instantly upon sign up. After two months, MobileMe will set you back $99 for a year subscription.

Step 2

Recover your lost iPhone with a free app called iLocalis. ILocalis allows you to not only track your iPhone's location, it also gives you complete remote control. To recover or control your iPhone remotely, you simply log into the iLocalis website with your user name and password. From the website you can send a text message to yourself and make a phone call. If your iPhone is stolen and the thief changes the SIM card, you will still have access to your iPhone's new phone number. ILocalis is considered the best anti-theft app available for the iPhone. To install iLocalis you will need to have "Cydia" installed, and you will need to support all firmware.

Step 3

Track your lost iPhone with GPS Tracker 1.2.2. GPS Tracker is a freeware app which you can download and install from the App Store. To effectively use GPS Tracker, you will need to create a free account with InstaMapper. Next, you will install a small application that runs in the background of your iPhone, constantly relaying its information to InstaMapper. To recover your iPhone, log on to InstaMapper and your phone's location will be displayed on an interactive map.

Step 4

Track your iPhone's location through your service provider. Major providers, such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, offer a location based tracker service. Your iPhone's location is frequently updated and sent to your online account and is displayed on an easy to use interactive map. Simply, log in to your provider's online account and retrieve information about where your iPhone is located.