How to Make a Closed Facebook Group

By Lara Webster

Facebook groups make it possible for you to communicate with other people who share a common interest, hobby or background. Groups can be created around nearly any topic, including sports and social causes. Start a closed group if you want to make your group intimate, such as a place for your old college roommates to post and share in a private forum. Closed group names and members can be seen by the Facebook community, but all other content is hidden from everyone but members.

Step 1

Point your browser to your Facebook home page and click on the "Create Group" link located in the left column of the screen. If you already belong to several groups, you may not see the link because there are too many group names listed. If that is the case, click the "More" link to get to the "Create Group" link. A new, small window appears on your Facebook screen.

Step 2

Enter a group name at the top of the window. Add members to your new group in the "Members" field; when you begin to type a friend's name, Facebook generates a list of matches. Click on a name to choose it.

Step 3

Click on the gray icon with the image of a lock in the "Privacy" section. Select "Closed" from the drop-down menu. Click "Create" to officially start the group.

Step 4

Edit the privacy setting on an existing group for which you are the administrator by going to the group page and clicking "Edit Group." Use the gray icon with a lock on it to change the privacy setting to "Closed." You can only change the privacy on a group with fewer than 250 members.