How to Make a Crazy Smiley Face on Facebook

By Anthony Bonesarelli

Although Facebook Chat does not permit embedded images and videos in its windows, you can send and share Facebook smileys with your friends. These smileys can be entered with a series of common emoticons, such as the smile or the wink. The social networking site, however, also includes a selection of bizarre smileys with entry codes that are not as obvious.

Step 1

Open a Facebook chat window and enter "3:-)" or "3:)" without quotes to post a mischievous pink face with horns.

Step 2

Type ":putnam:" without quotes to send a friend a small pixelated image of a young man's face with a sentimental expression.

Step 3

Enter "O.o" without the quote marks to post a confused smiley with bizarre eyes.

Step 4

Type ":v" minus the quotes for a chatty open-mouthed smiley.

Step 5

Type "(^^^)" without quotes for the special Facebook shark smiley.

Step 6

Enter "<(")" without the quotes to share a small icon of a penguin.

Step 7

Enter ">:-O" without the quotes to post a smiley that is laughing hysterically.