How to Make a Form for Your Facebook Page With Google Docs

By Jason Spidle

You can make a form for your Facebook fan page using the Google Docs productivity suite. Forms created using Google Docs can include any conceivable form element, including text boxes, multiple choice and matrix questions. Once created, you can embed the Google Docs form on your Facebook page using a static HTML iFrame tab. This enables you to display external HTML content that is hosted outside of Facebook directly within your Facebook fan page.

Step 1

Navigate to and sign in to your Google Docs account -- create an account if you don't already have one.

Step 2

Click "Create" and select "Form."

Step 3

Add form elements using the Google Docs form-creation tool. Your work will be saved automatically. Google Docs enables you to add text box, drop-box, single- and multiple-choice and matrix form elements.

Step 4

Click "More Actions" and select "Embed."

Step 5

Copy the HTML embed code to your clipboard.

Step 6

Navigate to and sign in to your account.

Step 7

Type "Static HTML iFrame" into the search box and then click the first result.

Step 8

Click "Add Static HTML to a Page" and then click "Add Static HTML: iFrame Tabs." If you manage multiple Facebook pages, select the page on which you want to add the Google Docs form.

Step 9

Click "Welcome" in the left sidebar.

Step 10

Paste the HTML embed code in the "Enter your content here" text box and then click "Save and view tab."

Step 11

Click "Wall" and then click "Edit Page."

Step 12

Click "Apps" in the left sidebar.

Step 13

Click "Edit Settings" in the "Static HTML: iFrame Tabs" section.

Step 14

Enter a title for the Google Docs form section of your Facebook page, then click "Save."