How to Make a Three-Way Call Using a Sprint Cell Phone

By Greyson Ferguson

If you use a Sprint PCS wireless phone you may have wondered if you can take part in a three-way call. With a three-way call you will be connected to two other numbers at the same time. This will allow you to talk to multiple different parties without having to hang up the phone and dial the other person to tell them what you just discussed with the other individual. Any Sprint cell phone can do it and it only takes a few moments.

Things You'll Need

  • Spring PCS wireless phone

Step 1

Dial the phone number to your first party and press "Send." As long as the other individual picks up your two phones will be connected.

Step 2

Dial the phone number of the second person you want to connect to while the other individual is still on the line. You can do this either by opening up your contacts list or by punching in the phone number.

Step 3

Press "Send" after dialing the second number and you will be connected with the second individual party now. Press "Send" a second time to connect all parties. All three parties will now be able to communicate back and forth with each other.

Step 4

Hanging up on your part will end your phone call and disconnect you from the other two callers. If they hang up as well, the same will take place.

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