How to Make a Voice Recording a Ringtone

By Etch Tabor

Advertisements for ringtones are prevalent on the Internet. But you don't need to pay money to have a customized ringtone. All you need is a recording feature on your cell phone. With this feature, basically anything can serve as a ringtone, even a voice recording. Learn how to make a voice recording a ringtone by following these simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phoneRecording feature

Step 1

Locate the recording feature on your cell phone. If you are unsure where this feature is, consult your cell-phone user manual. For example, with the Sony Ericsson W350a phone, enter the main menu, scroll to "Entertainment," and then scroll down to "Record Sound."

Step 2

Next, use the Record feature. Speak into the phone whatever you want to be your ringtone.

Step 3

Play back the recording to ensure it sounds accurate.

Step 4

Access your phone's settings. For many phones, this will be marked by an icon on the main menu called "Settings." If you are unsure of where your phone's settings are, consult your manual.

Step 5

Access audio and music settings. This should be clearly marked as either "Audio," "Music" or "Audio and Music." If you are unsure of where your phone's audio and/or music settings are, consult your manual.

Step 6

Select ringtones. This selection will likely be marked by the word "Ringtones." If not, consult your manual.

Step 7

Scroll through your assortment of ringtones. There should be a file labeled as a recording. It may be called "Recording." If not, consult your manual to see how your phone saves voice recordings. Select the recording and save.

Step 8

Have a friend call you to test your ringtone. If you follow these steps correctly, your voice recording should play as your ringtone.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not have your phone's manual on hand, check the Web site of the manufacturer of the phone. Most manufacturers post downloadable manuals online.