How to Make Digital TV Antennas More Powerful

By Jennifer Claerr

Digital television isn't subject to snow and ghosting, unlike analog television. However, you may notice pixellation, signal drop-outs and other errors. Often this is caused by a digital television signal or antenna that is too weak. In this case, there are many things you can do and many products you can use to boost your digital television signal. While there is no such thing as a strictly "digital" antenna, there are antennas that are designed to work better with a digital signal. However, your old analog antenna may be powerful enough to pick up digital signals adequately with a few minor modifications.

Step 1

Attach the antenna's power adapter, if it has one. Adjust the antenna to the highest possible setting. If your antenna doesn't have a power adapter, install an antenna amplifier between the antenna and your television. These amplifiers are available online and in electronics stores. Keep all the original packaging that came with the amplifier in case it doesn't work, or makes the signal worse.

Step 2

Adjust the "rabbit ears," if applicable. Telescope the antenna out fully. Try pointing the antennas up, down, forward and back. Watch the screen to see how this movement affects each channel. Select the configuration that is best for all channels you receive on your television.

Step 3

Place the antenna as high up on the wall as possible. Install a bracket or shelf to hold it, if necessary. If you have a bookshelf, large entertainment center or other support nearby, place the antenna on top, or on one of the upper shelves.

Step 4

Make a loop out of the coaxial cable that connects the antenna to your television. Secure the loop with tape or with twist ties. Get a longer coaxial cable if the current one isn't long enough to support the loop.

Step 5

Replace your antenna if it isn't powerful enough to pick up a digital signal. Get a powered HDTV antenna which is specifically designed to pick up digital signals. To get a stronger signal, get an antenna that can be used outdoors. For the best signal, install an outdoor antenna on your roof. Check for the types of television stations in your area and the best outdoor antenna to receive them. Click the "Choose an Antenna" button, then enter your address in the fields provided and answer all questions to get the most accurate information on the best antenna for where you live.