How to Make International Calls From a Mobile Phone for Free

By Greyson Ferguson

Typically, when you dial international phone numbers from your cell phone you are charged a very hefty per-minute fee for your phone call. Although most cell phone providers do have an international calling option, you are still charged a minute-by-minute fee to use the cell phone. However, there are ways to use the wireless signal on your cell phone to call around the world without using the wireless minutes and being charged per-minute service charges.

Things You'll Need

  • Smart phone

Step 1

Download a VoIP application for your smart phone. Two of the most popular applications are Vonage Mobile and Skype. These are two applications available for most smart phones, including BlackBerries, iPhones and Droids. Most of these phones allow you to download the service directly to your cell phone without a computer service. However, it is possible to log onto the app store for your particular provider, download the product and then upload the app to your phone through a USB cable connection.

Step 2

Connect your wireless phone to a wireless Internet connection. To do so, go into your options menu, choose "Wi-Fi" and click "Activate." Once on, the phone will scan for a wireless connection. Choose the available wireless connection, type in any required password and press "OK" to connect.

Step 3

Launch the application you downloaded onto the cell phone. Wait a few moments for the app to load onto your screen. If you have not yet created an account with the service, you will now be required to sign up (or create a user name and password and input your current e-mail address).

Step 4

Dial in the international phone number you want to call and choose "Send." The application, using the wireless connection, will send the phone call to the other international phone without using any of your wireless minutes or charging you a per-minute fee.

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