How to Make It So People Can't See Every Comment I Make on Facebook?

By Morgan O'Connor

Sometimes Facebook can leave you feeling like you can't post anything privately, which can even leave you hesitant to post anything at all. You may wish to post a status update about the awesome party you and your buddies had last weekend. If, however, your boss is one of your Facebook friends, a post like this could come across as juvenile or unprofessional. Instead of zipping your lips about the party, opt to prevent certain people from seeing certain posts.

Step 1

Click "Account," which appears near the top of any Facebook page. Click "Privacy Settings."

Step 2

Click the blue "Customize settings" link on the Facebook page that opens.

Step 3

Click the button to the far right side of the "Posts by me" line on this page. This is in the "Things I share" section. The button includes a picture of a closed lock and may currently say "Friends."

Step 4

Click "Customize." This appears at the bottom of a short list of options.

Step 5

Type the names of the people whom you wish to prevent from seeing your Facebook comments into the blank field in the "Hide this from" section. As you type each name, a list of matching Facebook friends appears. Click the friend in question when you see her in the list.

Step 6

Click "Save Setting." The Facebook friends you selected can no longer see your posts, status updates, photos or any similar information.

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