How to Make Multiple Flags on Craigslist

Craigslist is an un-moderated portal for posting ads online, so it isn't surprising that some of the ads users post to it are inappropriate, nonsensical or annoying. Regardless of your reason for disliking an ad, Craigslist allows you to "flag" those you don't believe belong on the site, which sends them to Craigslist for further review. Flagging a post doesn't immediately remove it from the site, so it's possible to submit multiple flags for the same post if you feel it violates Craigslist's "Terms of Use" on multiple counts.

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Navigate to the Craigslist post in question. Hover your mouse in the top-right corner of the post and click the reason you want to flag it -- examples include "Miscategorized" and "Prohibited."


Click your browser's "Refresh" button to re-load the posting. Click a different reason for flagging the post. If you clicked "Spam/Overpost" the first time, for example, click "Miscategorized" this time.


Return to the ad periodically to see if it has been removed. Don't inundate Craigslist with flags for the same reasons -- if more than a day has passed and that ad is still up, it means that Craigslist hasn't found sufficient reason to remove it.

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