How to Make My iPhone Screen Smaller

By Amanda Gronot

To make your iPhone's screen easier to read or use, you may want to zoom out or zoom in. This action requires a "gesture," which is the way Apple refers to finger movements on the touch-sensitive screen. With any two fingers, you can make the screen smaller or larger by pulling them closer together or farther apart. This feature will not work in all screens, such as the text messaging screen or the phone screen.

Step 1

Press any two fingers on the surface of the iPhone's screen.

Step 2

Drag the fingers away from each other -- still pressing on the screen -- to zoom in, making the screen appear to cover a smaller area.

Step 3

Release your fingers.

Step 4

Press and drag two fingers toward each other to return the screen to normal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your iPhone's user guide for more gestures and instructions.