How to Move Icons on an iPhone

When you get your new iPhone, all the preloaded apps are on the home screen. However, the iPhone can have up to 11 screens, each holding 16 apps or folders. As you acquire additional apps and learn which ones work best for you, rearrange your icons to make your everyday tasks easier and your iPhone more efficient. Place your most frequently used apps on your main home screen.

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Turn on the iPhone. Press any app icon and hold it. Soon all the apps start wiggling.


Grab an icon you want to move by placing your finger on it and sliding it to a new location. Remove your finger from the screen to drop the icon in the desired location. To move it to a different screen, slide the app to the right edge of the display to move to the next screen. The iPhone will create additional screens for you as you need them.


When you are done moving your app icons, tap the Home button centered under the display.

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