How to Mute a Motorola Cell Phone

By Andrew Smith

Motorola and other brands of cell phones do not come with a "hold" option that lets you keep individuals on the phone line while you speak to somebody in-person. Instead, you can put the Motorola cell phone on mute. Once you have done so, the person on the other end of the call will not be able to hear you until you take the phone off of mute. There is no "mute" button found directly on the phone; you must toggle the phone's settings to mute it.

Step 1

Place or receive the call as you normally would.

Step 2

Press either the "Options" or "Menu" button on the phone (depending on which Motorola cell phone you own).

Step 3

Scroll down through the listed options until you see the "Mute" option.

Step 4

Highlight the "Mute" option, then press "OK" on the phone to put the call on mute.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 to take the Motorola cell phone call off of mute.