How to Mute a Samsung Android Smartphone

Android smartphones include persistent, global sound settings as well as temporary settings for events, such as incoming calls and alarms. You can access these settings from the Settings menu or by swiping down on the screen with two fingers. When you receive a call, you can instantly mute the ringtone by pressing the volume down button once. Your call is still active, and you can choose to answer it or hang up.

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Access the Sound Settings Menu

The Settings menu enables you to adjust the volume of your notifications, ringtones, media players and system sounds. You can access the sound settings from the My Device section in Settings or the Quick Settings menu. Tap "Settings" and choose "My Device" or slide down the Quick Settings menu from the top of the screen using two fingers. Select "Sound" and touch "Volume" to adjust levels for each type of sound. For example, to mute incoming calls, text messages, alarms and notifications, completely slide down the Ringtone, Notifications and System volume bars. Select "OK" to apply your changes and return to the Settings menu.

Adjust Vibration Settings

With your sounds muted, you must either watch your phone's screen or enable the vibration setting to alert you when you receive a call. Since these vibrations make noise, a high vibration intensity can cause a disruption, even if your sound is muted. To lower the intensity, open the Settings menu, tap "My Device" and choose "Vibration Intensity." Slide down the intensity level for incoming calls, notifications and haptic feedback, then select "OK" to apply the changes.

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