How to Open a .BIN on Android

By Quinn Marshall

A BIN file is an image file of a CD or DVD, and may be located on your Android as part of an app or as a file you downloaded from the Internet while using your device’s mobile browser. You can open the BIN file to view its contents via a data cable and your computer. Once open, you can then determine what the BIN file contains and whether or not you want to keep it.

Things You'll Need

  • Data cable

Step 1

Download and install a disc-mounting program that supports BIN files onto your computer, such as Daemon Tools Lite or Clone Drive.

Step 2

Connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer via a data cable. Click "Start," then "Computer." Select the Android device under "Removable Media." Click and drag the BIN file off the device and onto your computer's hard drive by clicking it, then dragging it onto the desktop.

Step 3

Right-click on the BIN file and select "Mount with Program," where "program" is replaced with the name of the program you installed, such as Daemon Tools. The BIN file will be mounted and will launch as if you inserted its disc into the computer's disc drive. It might load a program's installation wizard, for example, if the BIN is a program's disc image, or prompt you to open it to view its contents if it's a data disc.