How to Operate a Sony Television

By Tomiko Cary

Sony is a very reputable brand of electronics that offers cutting edge technology to the public. Sony's televisions entice the eye with crystal clear picture display screens and a sleek style. Sony's flat panel HD TV allows you to watch television in top quality. The steps below will help you effortlessly operate a Sony Television, so that the next time you have guests over, everyone can watch.

How to Operate a Sony Television

Step 1

Add batteries to your remote. Press the Power button to turn the television on. Begin with adjusting the Picture mode. Sony offers five modes for your viewing pleasure. The Vivid picture mode is very crisp and sharp, the Standard and Custom modes create a simple look with slightly duller colors and appearance, and the Wide mode displays images on the entire screen. Finally, the Full mode displays a black bar on both sides of the image, giving it a smaller appearance.

Step 2

The Input button allows you to select the source you wish to see. For instance, choose TV, Video 1, Video 2, Component 1 or Component 2 to watch cable television, a DVD or to play one of two game consoles. The best way to familiarize yourself with which option to choose is to look at the back of the television and note which units are connected to the specific input option.

Step 3

The Menu button allows you to adjust the back light, picture, color and sharpness. To do this, select the icon resembling a person inside a square. Press the circular button in the center of the up, down, left and right arrow keys. This button allows you to select each individual option. Press the down arrow key to adjust the sound, screen displays, parental locks and television set up. Press the Menu button to exit this screen.

Step 4

On late nights, set the television to sleep mode. Press the Sleep button located at the top of the remote. Each time you press the button, more time appears, allowing you to set your television to between 15 and 120 minutes. Tthe television will turn off automatically at the chosen time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cable Users: Remember that you may need to select the TV and/or Cable button on your cable remote.

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