How to Order a UFC Fight on Comcast

By Beth Rifkin

Comcast's On Demand feature allows digital cable customers to watch premium movies and specials. Some of the programming is offered for free while other specials are offered on a pay-per-view basis. Comcast allows the ordered show to be stored for 24 hours, which gives you the ability to watch it at your convenience, as well as stop, pause, rewind and fast forward the show. UFC fights are among Comcast's On Demand offerings; ordering the show takes just a few simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Television
  • Comcast digital cable
  • Remote control

Step 1

Turn on your television and hit the number 1 on your remote control. Hitting number 1 will take you to the On Demand screen.

Step 2

Choose the "Sports" option from the On Demand screen.

Step 3

Pick the "UFC, WWE & Boxing" option on the sports screen.

Step 4

Choose the UFC option.

Step 5

Pick your UFC choice from the categories given, which include UFC Replays, UFC Event Zone, UFC Free Zone, All UFC Titles, UFC Replays HD, UFC Fight Zone and Ultimate Rivalries.

Step 6

Choose the particular program that you would like to order.

Step 7

Confirm that you wish to order the program when prompted from Comcast On Demand.

Step 8

Watch the UFC fight when the show is available.

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