How to Order UFC on Brighthouse

By Catherine Chase

You can often watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events on-demand through your cable provider. Bright House, which offers digital TV service in limited areas across the United States, has UFC events and other on-demand programs available. Order your favorite UFC events by using your TV remote. You may also view the programs available on the Bright House website. The charge for the event is automatically included in your next bill.

Things You'll Need

  • Remote

Step 1

Press the "Guide" button on your Bright House remote control. This brings you to the "Interactive Program Guide" screen.

Step 2

Use the "up," "down," "right" or "left" keys to navigate the listed programs. Search for UFC programs under the "Events On Demand/Ring Sports" category. If your UFC event is a live program, search for it under the "Live Events" category. (reference 3)

Step 3

Press the "Ok/Select" button on your remote once you have highlighted your desired program. Press this button again once you have highlighted "Buy" on your screen. Your UFC program will begin automatically.