How to Page a Cell Phone

By Alex Huebsch

With the advent of new cell phone technology, PDAs and the Internet, pagers have been rendered somewhat obsolete. There are three main types of pagers: a numeric pager, which displays only numbers, an alphanumeric pager, which can display letters and numbers like a text message, and a two-way pager, which allows letters in the form of text messages and emails to be sent and received as well. A person can also use their cell phone or Skype account to do what a pager would.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-way pager, cell phone with texting capabilities or Skype account (with computer)

Step 1

Send and receive phone numbers and text messages with a two-way pager. Type the message or a phone number into the two-way pager, type the destination phone number and then press "Send" on the pager. The cell phone will receive the message in its text messaging system.

Step 2

Send a page from one cell phone to another. Type the phone number or message you want to send into your text message box. Type the number of the phone you want to receive this message. Press "Send" and the receiving phone will get the original phone's number or message in its text message system.

Step 3

Download and install the Skype program. Sign into your Skype account and click on the call phones button. Type the phone number you wish to page and then click the SMS button on the bottom, right of the screen. If it says you need Skype credit, then click on the link to purchase Skype credit. Once you have credit, type the message or phone number you want to send to the cell phone in the field at the bottom of the screen. Send it and it will appear in the text message section of the receiving phone.