How to Pair a BlueAnt ST3

By Michelle Varsallona

BlueAnt Supertooth devices are Bluetooth car speakerphones. They attach to your visor and make it easier to make and receive calls while driving. You do not need an earpiece and you do not even need to touch your phone. The BlueAnt is voice activated. Before you can start using your BlueAnt ST3, it has to be paired with your cell phone. After you complete the pairing process, the BlueAnt will always be recognized on your phone when Bluetooth is enabled.

Step 1

Press and hold the green button on the BlueAnt until lights on the device blink red and blue.

Step 2

Press the green button again when you hear the language that you want to use.

Step 3

Set your phone into discovery mode by opening the Bluetooth options and choosing to "Search" or "Add" a new device.

Step 4

Select "BlueAnt ST3" from the list of devices that appears.

Step 5

Enter "0000"on the phone to complete pairing the ST3 with your phone.

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