How to Pair a Wireless Gear Speakerphone

By Kallie Johnson

A Wireless Gear Speakerphone is a small, portable Bluetooth device. When paired with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, the speaker allows the user's phone calls and conversation to take place through the speaker device. This allows the user to keep their hands free while working or driving. The device features a small clip, which can be used to clip the device onto your clothing, prop the device up on a desk or clip the device onto your car visor.

Step 1

Place the Wireless Gear Speakerphone within 3 feet of a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Step 2

Turn the Wireless Gear Speakerphone off.

Step 3

Press and hold the "MFB" button. Release the button once you hear a long beep. This should take about six seconds. The beep will be followed by the LED lights flashing red and blue. The device is now in pairing mode.

Step 4

Enter your cell phone's Bluetooth function from the Main Menu. This process will vary slightly based on the brand and model of cell phone you own. If you are unsure how to enter the Bluetooth function, read your cell phone's user manual. Once in the Bluetooth menu, either enter the "Search" or "Pair" function. Select the Bluetooth speaker from the list. Press "OK," "Enter" or "Select" depending on your cell phone. You may be asked to enter your cell phone security code. Press "OK," "Enter" or "Select" after entering that.

Step 5

Listen for a beep and three blue LED light flashes on the Wireless Gear Speakerphone device. This indicates pairing is complete and the device is ready for use.