How to Play a Record

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Vinyl lives! Whether it's for old recordings or DJ mixing, here's how to set those platters up.

Things You'll Need

  • Turntables
  • Vinyl Records

Step 1

Place a record on the turntable with the side you want to listen to facing up. If you're playing a 45 single, first insert the spacer, a round piece of plastic that fits the larger hole in the center of a single, in the center of the turntable.

Step 2

Turn on your turntable and receiver. If the receiver has a Selector button, press Phono.

Step 3

Select the revolution speed. For large records, use 33. For singles, use 45.

Step 4

Lift the phonograph arm and move it to the edge of the record.

Step 5

If the turntable doesn't start spinning automatically, look for the On switch and press it.

Step 6

With the record spinning, lower the needle very gently onto the dark-colored section at the edge of the record. The groove in the record will be wider there.

Step 7

Let go of the arm. The record should begin playing within a few seconds.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure both the record and needle (stylus) are clean before you play the record (see "How to Clean a Vinyl Record" and "How to Clean a Turntable Stylus," under Related eHows).
  • If the needle slips off the edge of the record, pick it back up and place it further from the record's edge.
  • If you don't hear anything, check that you have selected Phono on the receiver and that the speakers are connected correctly.