How to Play AVI Through an AT&T U-verse Cable Box With USB Port

By Greyson Ferguson

AT&T U-verse is a fiber optics-based television, Internet and phone service. All the programming features run out of one central gateway, which then hooks up to television receiver boxes, allowing you to watch high-quality video programming. On the AT&T U-verse box you have a USB connection, which allows you to view video on USB-enabled devices such as a computer. Once it is connected, you can view any video file, including the AVI format.

Things You'll Need

  • USB data cable

Step 1

Plug the USB data cable into the USB port on the AT&T U-verse television box.

Step 2

Insert the opposite end of the cable into a USB port on the computer system. Power on the U-Verse television box.

Step 3

Power on the laptop. Click "Start" and "Computer," and double-click the connected device icon. This loads a window with stored files on the U-verse television box. Double-click the AVI file you wish to view.