How to Post a GIF on Tumblr

By Paul Higgins

Tumblr supports a vast array of multimedia file types, including both static and animated GIFs. Post a GIF on your Tumblr blog by creating a new **Photo** post.

Step 1

Log in to your Tumblr blog and select **Photo** from the toolbar.

Step 2

Upload a GIF to Tumblr by clicking **Upload Photos** and selecting the file. Alternatively, click **Add Photos From Web** and enter the URL of a GIF hosted on a different site.

Step 3

Publish the GIF to your blog by clicking **Post.**

Tips & Warnings

  • Although adding a caption and tags is optional, consider adding a message to your followers in the Caption field to give them more information about the static or animated GIF. In addition, adding tags can help users find blogs posts related to a specific topic -- much like hashtags on Twitter let you find tweets about a current event or topic -- and therefore increase your blog's visibility.
  • While static images can be up to 10MB in size, the file size of animated GIFs must be smaller than 2MB and the image width's should not exceed 540 pixels.
  • Create a post with several pictures -- known on Tumblr as a photoset -- by clicking the Add Another icon. A photoset can hold up to 10 images, animated or static.
  • Click the cog icon in the post editor window to reveal a set of options. Edit those options to, for example, choose a custom URL for your post, enable replies from visitors or add an attribution link.
  • Embed a static or animated GIF in a standard text post by inserting a line break, clicking the + icon and selecting the camera icon from the pop-up menu.

References & Resources