How to Program a Dish Network Remote With a Visio TV

By Chris Waller

Getting DISH Network hooked up in your home allows you to bring high-definition programming and instant movies into your living room with the touch of a button. When your Dish Network system is installed, the technician will ensure your remote will work with the DISH Network receiver provided to you. You can also program that DISH Network remote to work with your Vizio TV. Using the DISH Network website, you can find a code for your television that you can enter into your remote so that it works with your Vizio TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • DISH Network remote

Step 1

Use your internet browser to connect to the DISH Network Tech Support Page. Select "remotes" on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 2

Find the image of your remote on the screen. You can visually select your model by comparing your remote to the images, or you can look on the back of the remote for the model number. Select your model by clicking on the corresponding image.

Step 3

Click on the remote codes link for your remote on the left hand side of the screen, under the "Troubleshooting" header. A list of television models and their corresponding codes will appear. Scroll down the list to Vizio and write down the three-digit codes provided. There will likely be more than one code, so write them all down.

Step 4

Turn on the Vizio TV and your DISH Network receiver. Make sure the batteries on your DISH Network remote are working before beginning the programming process.

Step 5

Press and hold the "TV mode" button on your remote until the indicator light comes on. Once the light is on, use a fine-tipped object such as a pen or pencil to press the tiny "Address" button. The location of this button will vary depending on the model of your remote.

Step 6

Using the number pad on the remote, enter one of the three digit codes you wrote down in Step 3. After you enter the code, press the "Address" button again. If the code is accepted, the TV mode light will flash three times. If the light does not flash, press the "Address" button again and try the next code on the list.

Step 7

When you find a code that works, press the "TV mode" button and try using the remote to turn on your Vizio TV. Some codes will only provide some functions to the remote. If you are not able to turn the Vizio TV off and on and control the volume, try a different code until you find one that works.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use the same process to program other devices to the remote such as a DVD player. Use the DISH Network web site to find the codes for these devices and follow the same steps, but using a different mode button on the remote. Use the mode button that matches the device you are adding to the remote.

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