How to Program a DVD Remote

Programming a DVD remote is an important step to improving your DVD-watching experience. The remote-programming process does not require much time, but the worst-case scenario can require much patience as it's possible for some of the programming codes not to work and then you must repeat the programming process using different codes. Luckily, even the worst-case scenario will still take less than 10 minutes.

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Program your remote to work on your DVD player.


Press down the "PRG" button and hold it for theee seconds. The LED lights up when you have held the "PRG" button long enough. The LED remains lit until the end of the programming process.


Press the "DVD" button on the remote control. If this is the second DVD player you are programming to this remote, press the "Aux" button.


Go to the Remote Central website and find the code list for your DVD player model. Enter the thee-digit code into the number pad of the remote control. If the code is valid, the LED turns off. Point the remote at the DVD player and press the "Power" button. This will turn on the DVD player if the code worked. If the LED does not turn off, or the DVD player does not respond, repeat Steps 1 through 3 using a different code. (See Resources)

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