How to Program a Realistic Scanner Pro-41

By Nick Davis

The Realistic Scanner Pro-41 is a police and emergency scanning radio that receives UHF/VHF high and low frequencies on 10 channels and is fully programmable. The scanner also has a built-in earphone jack and squelch control. Programming the Realistic Pro-41 takes a few keystrokes on the scanner's keypad and a few minutes.

Step 1

Turn on the scanner. Make sure the Realistic Scanner Pro-41's batteries are fresh or fully charged.

Step 2

Press "Manual" on the scanner's keypad.

Step 3

Enter a channel number you want to program. Press "Manual."

Step 4

Press ". /Clear" to clear the "-" you will see on the display.

Step 5

Enter a frequency---this number will begin with a decimal. Press "Enter" to store the frequency.

Step 6

If "E" appears in the display, press ". /Clear" twice and repeat step 5.

Step 7

Press "Review" to confirm the proper entry. You will see the frequency you just entered one digit at a time.

Step 8

Repeat steps 2 through 5 to program more channels. To program the next channel in sequence, press "Manual" and repeat step 5.

Tips & Warnings

  • Know which channels and frequencies you want to program before beginning the programming procedure.