How to Program a Samsung Remote for a Motorola Cable Box

By Maya Austen

Some Samsung TVs come with universal remote controls, which you can use to program various video and audio devices. If a Samsung remote control is equipped with a "Mode" and "Set" button -- or separated mode buttons labeled "Cable," "DVD," "STB" and "VCR" -- then it's a universal remote and can be programmed to work with a Motorola cable box.

Step 1

Turn off the Motorola cable box.

Step 2

Press the "Cable" mode key. The mode keys are the row of buttons located at the top of the Samsung remote control generally labeled "Cable," "DVD," "STB" and "VCR." If you're using a Samsung remote control which does not feature separate mode keys, continually press the "Mode" button located at the top of the remote control to switch the remote control to the "Cable" setting.

Step 3

Place the Samsung remote control in programming mode by pressing the "Set" button. The "Set" button on some Samsung remote controls is located inside of a small hole. Use a stretch out paperclip, or some other thin wire, to press the "Set" button if it's located inside of a hole.

Step 4

Enter the following 3-digit device code Samsung assigns to Motorola set top boxes: 064.

Step 5

Aim the Samsung remote at the IR sensor on the Motorola cable box and press the "Power" button. If the Motorola cable box turns on it means the remote is properly programmed to work with the Motorola cable box.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many universal remote controls come with a "code search" feature. Programming a universal remote control using its "code search" feature allows you to individually test each of the codes stored in the remote's code library until you find the code that works with the device. This feature comes in handy if the code(s) assigned to the brand of device you are programming doesn't work. According to Samsung Customer Support, Samsung universal remotes are currently not equipped to carry out an automatic "code search" operation, as of December 2010. If the code Samsung assigns to Motorola set top boxes doesn't work with your Motorola cable box, there's no easy fix. You could try manually testing each of the codes listed in the Remote Control Code list (see Resources) until you find one that works.