How to Program an IR 103602 Remote

By Lisa Chrstine

Dish Network IR remotes use infrared sensors to work with your satellite receiver. These remotes can be programmed to any Dish Network-equipped system, and the IR 103602 is no different. Once programmed, the remote will work with your cable and television. Program the remote from your television in just minutes, and complete the same reprogramming process any time the signal is lost.

Step 1

Press and hold the button on your IR remote for the component that you are programming. For example, press the "TV," "VCR," "Cable" or "SAT" buttons.

Step 2

Hold the button until the keys light up, then release.

Step 3

Locate the code in your Dish Network manual for the device brand that you are programming to. Enter this three-digit code using the keypad on your remote.

Step 4

Wait for the light to blink after each button is pressed, then push the "#" button on the remote.

Step 5

Wait for the mode light to flash three times, then press and release the "Power" button to test the programming.