How to Program Digital Timers

By Atanacia Franco

Digital timers are an extra feature that is present in many electronic devices such as microwaves, ovens and cellphones. Due to the large and diverse amount of digital timers present in the market place, there is no one way to set every digital timer. However, there are general patterns and steps that will help you to set any digital timer.

Things You'll Need

  • Instruction manual for electronic device

Step 1

Locate the instructions for setting the digital timer in its instruction manual. You may need to use the table of contents in the front or the index in the back to locate the exact page.

Step 2

Read through the instructions once so that you can determine the amount of time it will take to set the timer. This will also alert you to any other items you may need to set the timer.

Step 3

Turn on the electronic device. Using the instruction manual, locate the buttons that you will use in setting the timer.

Step 4

Follow the directions in the instruction manual to properly set the digital timer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If needed, use a pen/pencil to mark the steps as you progress through them. This will ensure that you go through all the steps to set the digital timer.
  • Take care that you press the appropriate buttons at the appropriate times. If not, you may turn on, turn off and erase features in your electronic device are not related to the digital timer.