How to Program Dish Network Remotes for Mitsubishi TVs

By Mandy Slake

No one likes having to fumble around for a different remote, or stop watching their favorite program so they can search for the TV remote control. If you have a Dish Network satellite system, you can program your Dish Network remote to control some of the functions on your Mitsubishi TV. Since the remote works with many brands of TVs, you will need to enter a code to tell the remote which codes to send.

Step 1

Press and hold the "TV Mode" button on the Dish Network remote. Release the button when all four indicator lights come on.

Step 2

Type in one of the Mitsubishi remote codes. You can find a list of codes for your remote under the Resources section of this article.

Step 3

Press and release the "#" button. Wait for the "TV mode" indicator to flash three times.

Step 4

Press and release the "Power" button.

Step 5

Press and release the "SAT mode" button. The button should light up.

Step 6

Test the remote by pressing the "TV mode" button and adjusting the volume.