How to Program the Aeros MX-850

By Nick Miles

Having one remote to control all of your electronic devices can save you the clutter of multiple remotes and prevent the confusion and frustration of looking for misplaced remotes. The Aeros MX-850 from Universal Remote Control is a universal remote that can take the place of up to 20 remotes. The device includes a built-in programming wizard that will guide you through programming each of your electronic components.

Things You'll Need

  • PC computer
  • Serial cable
  • MX 850 Editor software

Step 1

Open the MX 850 Editor software on your computer. If you have not yet installed this, insert the installation CD that came with the remote and install the Editor.

Step 2

Connect the remote to your computer using a serial cable. If your computer does not have a serial port, you can use a serial-to-USB adapter to connect it to a USB port.

Step 3

Click on "File" in the Editor toolbar and select "Create and Name Devices."

Step 4

Click on the grid position where you wish to enter a new device. The remote can accommodate two pages of ten devices. If the remote has no devices, you should start with the first grid on the first page.

Step 5

Enter a name for the device you wish to add. For example, you can enter "HDTV" or "Television" of you are adding a TV.

Step 6

Press the "Enter" key to enter the information and add more devices if you are connected more than one component.

Step 7

Click the "Save" button to save the new devices that you have created.

Step 8

Click "File" and select "IR Database" to open the IR Database window.

Step 9

Click the "Device" drop-down menu and select the type of device you are trying to program.

Step 10

Click the "IR Data from" drop-down menu and select the category of the device you are programming.

Step 11

Click the "Brand" drop-down menu and choose the brand of the device you are programing.

Step 12

Scroll through the "Model" list and select the model for the device you are programming.

Step 13

Click "Save" to save the device model and click "Apply" to apply the changes to the remote.