How to Program the Remote on a Converter Box

By Stephen Lilley

A digital converter box for a television set will come with a remote control packaged inside its box. This remote is automatically programmed to control your digital converter box, but it can also be configured to control your television and even some related accessories like DVD players. You just have to know the remote codes for the devices you're trying to get the remote to communicate with.

Step 1

Locate the remote control manual that came with your digital converter box. Flip to the section devoted to the remote codes for various pieces of hardware. Locate the remote codes for your television set and any other piece of hardware that you want to control with this remote. Circle the remote codes in the manual or write them down on a piece of paper so that you can refer to them later.

Step 2

Enter the "Program" mode on your converter box remote control. The exact process depends heavily on the brand of your particular converter box. Some remotes, for example, require you to press the "TV" button on the remote and the "Scan" or "OK" button at the same time. Other remotes may have a dedicated program button that you only need to press once. The specifics for your model of digital converter box will be listed in the manual near the remote codes.

Step 3

Press the numbers on your remote control to enter in the remote code of the first device you want to control. Entering in the code (which is typically followed by pressing a "Select" or "OK" button) will turn the device off. Press "Power" to turn it back on.

Step 4

Repeat the steps for any additional devices you want to control using your digital converter box remote (if your specific model of remote has the ability to control more than one device).