How to Program The Volume For Your Comcast HD/DVR Box

By Techwalla Contributor

Can't control the volume on your COMCAST HD/DVR Box? Does it not work whether you use the remote control or the volume button on the box itself?! Read this article to fix that problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Comcast Cable HD/DVR Box
  • Comcast Universal Remote
  • A Few Minutes (or less)
  • Your Glasses!

Step 1

Make sure that both your TV and HD/DVR box are powered ON. The easiest way to tell will be by seeing a cable channel and program playing. These steps will not work unless both pieces of equipment are on.

Step 2

On your Comcast universal remote control, press and hold down the "SETUP" button until it blinks twice. Then release it.

Step 3

Enter the numbers 9 - 9 - 3 into the remote using the number pad. This is the most important step!

Step 4

Hit the volume UP button ONE time and release. Once you this, the light will blink 4 times indicating that the code has been locked in.

Step 5

Test the volume control on the box or the remote control. You should now be able to control the volume for the comcast hd/dvr box!

Tips & Warnings

  • This information can be found in the Comcast Universal Remote User's Guide
  • Remember that this is a universal remote, so in order to get back to controlling the volume on your other device (tv, surround sound system), please remember to press the appropriate device key first!