How to Put a Clickable Link in Craigslist

By C. Taylor

Craigslist's ad submission form supports basic HTML coding, which allows you to create clickable links in your ad. This is a way to draw traffic to your site, or direct readers to important information. However, if you over-use this privilege, Craigslist will likely mark your ad as spam and "ghost" you. This means you receive a confirmation from Craigslist, and you can even view the published ad, but the ad is never linked from the site.

Step 1

Log into the Craigslist site and choose to post an ad just like you normally would.

Step 2

Enter the anchor text for the link, which is the clickable text used for the link.

Step 3

Type the following code immediately before the anchor text, and replace the URL with the URL you wish to use for the link:

Step 4

Type the following code immediately after the anchor text:

Step 5

Submit the ad just like any other ad. Craigslist will automatically recognize the HTML and convert your anchor text into a clickable link.