How to Put a Photo Back on My iPhone

By Amanda Gronot

Whether you accidentally deleted a photograph, or decided not to sync certain albums for a while, you may sometimes want to put photos back on your iPhone. If you deleted a photo that you took with your iPhone and didn't import it to your computer yet, you won't be able to retrieve it. However, if you want to put a photo that you have stored on your computer back on your phone, you can sync it again just as you did the first time.

Step 1

Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes if it doesn't open automatically.

Step 2

Click your iPhone under "Devices," and then click the "Photos" tab.

Step 3

Check the box next to "Sync Photos from" if it is not already checked. Select the program from which you want to restore the photo in the drop-down menu. Choose "Selected albums and events, and automatically include." Choose "no events" from the drop down menu next to "and automatically include." In the list below, check the box next to the album that contains the photo you want to restore.

Step 4

Click "Apply."

Tips & Warnings

  • Import your "Camera Roll" album to your computer regularly so that you can retrieve your photos whenever you want them.
  • If the album with the photo is already set to sync, all you have to do is plug your iPhone into your computer to sync it.

References & Resources