How to Put in Skullcandy Earbuds

Skullcandy makes stylish earbuds for personal audio equipment, such as iPods or cellphones. The earbuds come with several sizes of foam earpads to help you find the perfect fit. You must insert any in-ear earbuds properly and with caution. Otherwise, you risk damaging your ears and your hearing.

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Note which earbud is labeled "Left" and which is "Right."


Sit the earbuds just inside the upper ear canal. They go under the tragus, which is the small flap of skin that covers part of your ear opening. Push gently to secure the earbud, but do not jam it into your ear. This could potentially damage your ear canal. If the earbuds are too loose, try the larger earpads; if they're too tight, try the smaller ones.


Change the earpads if the buds don't fit correctly; remove the pads by pinching the foam tip and pulling it away from the metal part. Replace with a different size. When you have achieved your perfect fit, you are ready to use the earbuds.

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