How to Put My iPhone's Contacts on My Dell Computer?

By KR Knowlin

Apple manufactures the iPhone, but you can still utilize a lot of the same features as Mac iPhone users on your Windows-based Dell computer. According to the user manual, the iPhone supports Yahoo! Address Book, Google Contacts, Windows Address Book, Windows Contacts and Microsoft Outlook. Use iTunes to sync iPhone contacts with your preferred program or application on your Dell PC.

Step 1

Open iTunes.

Step 2

Connect the iPhone to your Dell computer with the iPhone USB cable. ITunes will begin to detect your device.

Step 3

"Cancel" the automatic sync by sliding your finger across the prompt on your iPhone screen.

Step 4

Click on your iPhone's name in the left panel of the iTunes window. A new window will load in the section on the right.

Step 5

Select the "Info" tab from the top of the page.

Step 6

Check the "Sync Contacts With" check box. Click the drop-down arrow next to the field to choose the program on your Dell computer you want to sync your contacts to.

Step 7

Select "All Contacts" if you want to put all of your iPhone's contacts on your Dell. Or click "Selected Groups" to specify which group contacts you want to sync.

Step 8

Click the "Sync" button to transfer your contacts to your Dell computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the "Contacts" option in the "Replace Information on This Phone" section of the Info page is checked, iTunes will replace your iPhone's contacts with the contact information on your computer.