How to Record a Voicemail Message on LG Phones

By Kenyonda Bradley

Recording a message is a necessary requirement to set up your voicemail service. Voicemail is a valuable feature on most cellular and residential phones lines, as it retrieves unanswered calls and forwards them to a voicemail access number. Having an efficient voicemail message will instruct callers to leave important information valuable to their call, thus making it easier for you to contact them back or provide them with the information that they seek.

Things You'll Need

  • LG Phone

Step 1

Press and hold down the number “1” or the letter “W” on your LG phone; this will dial your voicemail access number.

Step 2

Select the option “Record Voicemail Greeting” from the command prompts.

Step 3

Follow the instructions to record your voicemail message. Speak clearly into the phone and give accurate instruction to the caller of what information you would like for them to leave.

Step 4

Press the “#” key to save the message.