How to Recycle a TracFone

By Alexandra Bee

Recycling a TracFone is almost no different than recycling any other cell phone or electronic device, and usually depends on your location and finding places that will accept your model for recycling. Recycling website services can offer cash or recycling services for TracFones. Local recycling centers may also accept your phone.

Step 1

Call your local recycling centers to inquire about recycling your TracFone. Provide them with the necessary information such as the model and make of the cell phone, as well as its working condition to determine if they will accept the phone.

Step 2

Browse to a recycling website for more information on going rates for your TracFone if you plan on exchanging it for money---as well as the locations in your area that will accept TracFones for recycling.

Step 3

Search and compare prices and exchange rates on various recycling websites for your TracFone. Also review the recycling center's terms and conditions on the item's condition and requirements.

Step 4

Call the recycling center to schedule a pick-up or plan to drop off the phone yourself. If you are using a recycling website you may need to enter your personal information to receive a free shipping box to send your TracFone to them.

Step 5

Send in your TracFone through the box the recycling website has sent or drop off the phone yourself at a recycling center nearest to you.