How to Register a New SIM Card

By Jay Darrington

If you order or sign up for cell-phone service online or through a phone, chances are you will need to register the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card that comes with it. The SIM card provides information to the phone that allows it to connect to the network you are using. Before you use your phone, you'll have to set up the SIM card.

Step 1

Determine your phone carrier's method for registering the SIM card. The most typical way to register a SIM card is online via a website, but some service providers may have you call an 800 number to register the phone.

Step 2

Get the IMEI number of the phone that the SIM card will be used by. You can find this by looking in the back of the phone where the battery is, or by dialing #06# on the phone.

Step 3

Point your browser to the website listed in the starter kit, or call the number listed.

Step 4

Provide the company with information that might include your name, activation code number, IMEI number, address, home phone number or e-mail address. Your SIM card should then be activated and ready for use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once your SIM card is registered, you should be able to put the card in any other phone compatible with your phone's network.

References & Resources