How to Register an iPhone

By Mario Calhoun

Although the iPhone registration process can be accomplished through the iTunes application, the device can also be registered at the official Apple site by logging into your Apple account. The Apple Registration page allows you to register any Apple product, and requires the device's serial number, which is found on the iPhone's box. Along with the device registration, your account also shows your account history, including previous purchases and current orders, and allows you to edit the payment method linked to your account.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone serial number

Step 1

Visit the Apple Product Registration site (see Resources) and click the drop-down menu underneath "Select Your Location".

Step 2

Click your country from the menu and click the drop-down menu underneath "Select Your Preferred Language". Click your language in the menu.

Step 3

Enter your Apple ID and password if you already have them, or click on "Create one" if you need to set up a new account. Click the "Continue" button to log in, and click the circle next to "One product" Click "Continue," and click "iPhone" in the "Category" column.

Step 4

Click "iPhone" in the "Product Line" column, and click the generation of your iPhone in the "Select a Product" column.

Step 5

Click "Continue" and enter the serial number located on the back of the iPhone's box. Alternately, tap "Settings" on the iPhone screen, tap "General" and "About" to view the serial number. Click the drop-down menu underneath "Where will you primarily use this product?" and choose the primary use.

Step 6

Click the drop-down menu underneath "What best describes what you do?" and click your career field in the menu. Click "Continue" and click the "Finish" button to submit your information to Apple. You will receive an email to confirm your iPhone's registration.