How to Register My Vizio TV

By Jayzee A

Vizio is a company that mainly manufactures televisions. In addition to producing televisions, Vizio also manufactures home theater systems, Blu-ray players and television accessories. The first thing you should do after buying a Vizio is register your product. This can be done online on the Vizio website. Registering your Vizio allows Vizio to contact you about important notifications, confirms ownership in case of loss or theft and allows Vizio to improve its products.

Step 1

Visit the Vizio homepage (see References). Click on "Register your Vizio." This link is located at the top right of the Web page.

Step 2

Enter your name and address.

Step 3

Enter your product information. This information includes your product type, model number, serial number, product condition, purchase location, purchase price and purchase date.

Step 4

Check the box if you want to receive emails from Vizio.

Step 5

Click "Register."