How to Remove a Thumbnail on Facebook

By Robert Schrader

Among the features of the so-called "New Profile" that Facebook rolled out in early 2011 are photo thumbnails that now display under the profile username. By default, these small images reflect the most-recent five images to have been tagged of the user on whose page they appear. Remove unflattering or otherwise unwanted thumbnails from your main profile page to control which images visitors to your profile see.

Step 1

Sign on to your Facebook account. Navigate to your profile, either by clicking your profile name or profile picture within the top, left corner of the screen.

Step 2

Hover your mouse over any thumbnail you no longer want to appear under your name. Click the "x" that appears in its top, right corner.

Step 3

Click "Hide Photo" to confirm you want to hide the thumbnail from visitors to your Facebook profile. Tick the box next to "Don't Show This Again" if you don't want Facebook to ask you each time you hide a thumbnail.

Tips & Warnings

  • Removing a thumbnail from your profile doesn't remove the tag from your photo -- it still displays under "Photos of You" when a user clicks the "Photos" link on your profile. To remove a photo tag, open the photo itself and click the "Remove Tag" button next to your name.