How to Remove the Battery in My Motorola Droid

By Michael Butler

Sometimes, the Motorola Droid freezes. The buttons do not work and you cannot tap anything on the screen. If you catch your Droid freezing fast enough, pressing the "Power" button to turn the phone off and back on might work to reset the phone. If that does not work, you have to remove the battery to reset the phone. You might also want to remove the battery to replace it.

Step 1

Hold the Droid in one hand with the screen facing down and the top of the phone facing away from you.

Step 2

Press down firmly on the notch on the back cover. Slide the cover down until it comes off.

Step 3

Insert your fingernail in the space immediately below the battery where it says "Battery Removal Here."

Step 4

Pry the battery up and out with your fingernail.

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