How to Repair a Touchscreen Cell Phone

By Nina Nixon

Your cell phone's touchscreen may sometimes not respond when you try to use it. The best time to take action is when the sporadic behavior first starts to happen; this way, you're more likely to prevent a total touchscreen freeze-up. In the event that your cell phone doesn't respond to touch commands at all, there's still something else you can try.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft, disposable cloth
  • New battery, if needed
  • Disposable gloves

Step 1

Charge the battery until the battery indicator shows that your cell phone is fully charged.

Step 2

Touch the "Home" icon if your cell phone responds to touch commands, but the touchscreen still doesn't work. Otherwise, skip this step and go to Step 11.

Step 3

Touch "Main Menu," then slide the screen upward.

Step 4

Touch "Settings," then touch "Reset/Delete."

Step 5

Enter your lock code, then touch "Delete Stuff."

Step 6

Touch "Browser Cookies and Cache" to delete the stored browser cookies and cache. When finished, touch "Call Logs" to delete call logs, then touch "Downloaded Content" to delete all downloaded content.

Step 7

Touch the "Home" icon if your touchscreen is still not repaired.

Step 8

Touch "Main Menu," then slide the screen upward.

Step 9

Touch "Settings," then touch "Reset/Delete."

Step 10

Enter your lock code, then touch "Reset Settings" to reset your cell phone's settings to their factory defaults. This won't affect your Messaging, Call History, Contacts and Calendar settings. Alternatively, select "Reset Phone" to delete all of your Messaging, Call History, Contacts and Calendar settings, and restore your cell phone to its factory defaults. Touch "Reset" to complete the process.

Step 11

Put on disposable gloves, then slide the back cover off of your cell phone if the touchscreen still doesn't respond or fails to work. Clean the metal contacts with a soft, disposable cloth. Reinstall the battery and reattach the back cover. Replace the battery, if needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Review your cell phone owner's manual for additional information.
  • Some generic-brand batteries may cause a fire or explosion, as well as compromise your cell phone's performance. Always use manufacturer-approved batteries that are recommended for your particular cell phone brand and model.