How to Repair Blotches on an LCD Screen

LCD televisions that suddenly develop color blotches on their screens may not necessarily be defective. It may simply be that some pieces of equipment, such as a set of speakers or any items containing magnetism, are directly affecting the polarity of your screen. Easy fixes such as moving the offending items and using a magnet to eliminate blotches are just a couple of ways for you to reclaim your TV.

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Move any speakers or magnets that are near the television. Be careful not to cross the speakers/magnets in front of the television as they are being moved. This can cause more blotches to form on the screen. Doing this will fix most blotchy problems, but occasionally this will only slightly lessen the problems with your screen.


Blotches can be removed using the opposite of the polarity that damaged the screen. Place the magnet on the backside of the TV, directly behind the blotch. Do not place the magnet in front of the blotch as this caused the same polarity and will create more blotches. Leaving the magnet in place behind the blotch should cause it to disappear within minutes.


An electric battery-powered drill can also be used to remove blotches from a LCD screen. Place the drill parallel to the side of the TV where the blotch has occurred. Turn the drill on and as it runs pull the drill slowly back. Repeat this process until the blotch is no longer visible.

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