How to Replace Turntable Belts

By Techwalla Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Despite the technological advancements in digital audio, turntables and vinyl still provide some of the richest and warmest sounds. And when something goes wrong with your turntable, you are often able to fix it yourself. The most common maintenance to perform on a turntable is installing a new belt. Read on to learn how to replace turntable belts.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement turntable belt

Getting Started

Step 1

Remove the rubber platter mat if your turntable uses one. Set it aside.

Step 2

Lift the platter straight up and off the center spindle to expose the turntable belt.

Step 3

Remove the original belt and check it for wear. Generally, a turntable belt doesn't slip unless it's damaged. If it is damaged, purchase a new one. You can buy replacement belts online at Turntable Basics.

For a Two-Piece Platter Turntable

Step 1

Loop the replacement turntable belt around the cylinder located underneath the platter.

Step 2

Check that the belt is working properly by turning the platter clockwise two or three rotations. It should smoothly move along the motor pulley. If it doesn't, adjust it and turn it again.

Step 3

Replace the platter, and then carefully lay the rubber platter mat over it.

Step 4

Turn on the turntable and check it for correct movement. If it looks like it's working, play a record to make sure all is in order.

For a One-Piece Platter Turntable

Step 1

Loop the replacement belt around the cylinder located underneath the platter.

Step 2

Replace the platter carefully. One-piece platter turntables are delicate, and if you force the platter down or push it at an angle, you might damage the platter or spindle.

Step 3

Turn the platter so the hole in it lines up with the motor pulley.

Step 4

Pull the turntable belt and loop it over the motor pulley. Position it on the pulley groove to make sure it won't slip.

Step 5

Rotate the platter clockwise to make sure the belt is firmly in the pulley grove. Moving it two or three times ensures that it's in place.

Step 6

Put the rubber turntable mat back on the platter.

Step 7

Turn on the turntable. Play a record if it looks like everything is working to check the speed.

Tips & Warnings

  • It's better to have a snug fit than a perfect fit. If the belt isn't snug, it may fall off.