How to Reprogram a Cell Phone for Cricket

By Mandy Slake

Sometimes it's necessary to reprogram your Cricket phone. A small piece of software called a Preferred Roaming List is updated in the phone when it goes through over-the-air programming. If the list is outdated, the phone drops calls or doesn't get service in areas where it should. Fortunately, all Cricket phones have the same programming instructions, so reprogramming to update the phone's software is just a matter of dialing a number from your handset. You'll get better service, stronger signal and fewer dropped calls if you reprogram your Cricket phone regularly.

Step 1

Check the number of signal bars on your phone to make sure you're getting a strong digital signal. If you have two bars or less, the reprogramming might fail.

Step 2

Dial *228 on the phone and hit "Send." Listen to the voice prompts and wait for the system to tell you the programming was successful.

Step 3

Press the "End" button to hang up the call. Don't be alarmed if the phone resets itself. This is normal for most phones.

Step 4

Wait for the phone to turn back on, then make a test call. The phone is now reprogrammed.