How to Reset a Nokia Cell Phone

By Techwalla Contributor

Sometimes it is necessary to reset -- or restore to its factory settings -- your Nokia cell phone. If the device freezes up on a continual basis, or you suspect something has compromised the integrity of your Nokia phone, reset the device to its factory settings.

Step 1

Open your Nokia's "Menu."

Step 2

Click on "Settings."

Step 3

Select "Phone."

Step 4

Tap "Phone Management."

Step 5

Opt for "Factory Settings."

Step 6

Tap "Restore."

Step 7

Enter your Nokia's lock code.

Step 8

Allow the device to turn off and turn back on again.

Tips & Warnings

  • It will take your Nokia phone somewhat longer than normal to turn on after it has turned off, so be patient.
  • Reset instructions might vary slightly between Nokia phone models. Check your user guide for the factory reset instructions specific to your Nokia if the options in this article do not apply.
  • If you suspect a downloaded file is the cause of the problem, uninstall it from your phone immediately.
  • On some Nokia models the factory reset will not delete saved and downloaded files on your memory card; on other models it will. Consult your user guide to see if you need to back up your files prior to resetting your Nokia.